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Compete to be Named King or Queen of the Pumpkin Pie

Jan 11, 2012 11:12AM ● By Brian O

If you like to bake, share your skills and be featured in the next issue of EUJ.

Chef Mary Masterson shared her favorite pumkin pie recipe in Pumpkin Perfection. Now, we want to find the best Pumkin Pie Recipes in town. This is a local throw-down with the 3 most popular recipes set to be featured in the September issue of Our Local Magazine.

Want to read the article that started the competition? Find your nearest copy of Our Local Magazine.

Would you like to be named King or Queen of the Pumpkin Pie?

Post your favorite recipe in the comments below to enter the challenge, be sure to make it colorful and fun. When people come to the site they can vote on their favorites but don't leave it to chance. Your submission can easily be shared with your friends, family and anyone else for that matter - use the share bar next to your submission after submitting your recipe to improve your odds of winning.

Want to help determine the winner?

Vote on the recipes you like best by signing in and clicking on the 'Vote' button next to your favorites. Better yet, actually bake the pie then give feedback to the contestant. The more that participate the more fun it will be, and you might even end up being inspired to add an etry of your own.