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Refreshing Ways to Escape the Everyday

Jun 29, 2015 01:44AM ● By Family Features
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(Family Features) When the demands of a busy lifestyle have you ready to leave it all behind, a getaway to the tropics can be a strong temptation. But when the realities and responsibilities of life keep you firmly in place, remember there are dozens of ways you can escape without having to take a vacation.

Take a break. When a rough day at the office has the pressure building, get up and take a break. Try a refreshing Nestlé® Pure Life® Exotics™ sparkling water to be transported to a whole new frame of mind. This line of unsweetened sparkling water is packed with unique bold and all-natural exotic fruit flavors including Strawberry Dragon Fruit, Mango Peach Pineapple, Tangerine and Key Lime.

Initiate a new hobby. Losing yourself in an activity that brings personal satisfaction is a great way to leave a long day behind. Whether you begin a collection inspired by a special pastime or memory, or tap into your artistic side to express yourself through painting, a hobby is an opportunity to refocus your energy and learn something new.

Make time for you. Revitalize your body and mind by setting aside time on a regular basis that affords you an uninterrupted, guilt-free escape. A relaxing bubble bath has a way of melting away your stress, and recharging you for your next adventure.

Get active. When your mind has been pushed to its limits, shift your energy into pushing your body to its boundaries and beyond. Conjure the tropics with a trip to the local beach, where you can find all sorts of physical activity to help leave your cares behind. Set a long-term physical goal, such as completing a marathon or mastering a new sport, to work out more often.

Explore new flavors. When you need an escape so badly you can taste it, turn to the kitchen for a getaway your taste buds will thank you for. Quenching your thirst can be a guilt-free treat with a zero-calorie indulgence like Nestlé® Pure Life® Exotics™ sparkling water, which is made with no sweeteners and comes in a variety of natural exotic flavors to help you escape the everyday.

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