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4 Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Block Light

Oct 12, 2015 02:46AM ● By Family Features
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(Family Features) Although ample natural light is a feature many homeowners desire, there are plenty of reasons to manage the light streaming into your home. Whether you simply crave a different aesthetic or you’re working to correct a matter such as limited privacy or filtering damaging rays, there are various approaches you can take to block light around your home.

These four tips for blocking the light coming through your windows and doors are easy DIY projects you can tackle in just a few hours to achieve more privacy and light control:

Trap light with textiles. If you’ve always considered curtains an attractive but non-functional addition to your rooms, think again. Choosing the proper weight and texture for your window treatments can significantly alter the lighting when curtains are drawn. For example, combining heavier drapes and sheer panels is a stylish approach that lets you filter without fully eliminating light. When placed on a double rod, the drapes can pull closed for more complete blockage.  

Seek solutions for unique situations. For glass inserts on doors, traditional coverings such as curtains or blinds are impractical; the sway of fabric or banging of blinds grows tiresome quickly. An alternative, such as Add-On Blinds for Doors, is an energy-efficient solution, helping reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, that lets you easily adjust and change the height and tilt of the slats as needed to control the amount of light and privacy you want. The blinds, an easy do-it-yourself project, snap on to the door glass frame in about 15 minutes and come in several sizes to fit various door glass sizes. They are also cord-free, making them an attractive option for households with pets and children. And because the blinds are enclosed, cleaning is as simple as washing the exterior panel, just like you would a regular window.

Filter harsh rays with window film. Although it lacks the day-to-day flexibility of other options, tinting windows or applying a window film is an effective way to significantly reduce bright light through a window. There are a wide range of options to fit your specific needs, from glare reduction and heat control to privacy and decoration. You can choose versions that allow varying degrees of opacity in gray or dark colors, or even frosted or stained glass looks. In most cases, the film is applied from inside; the street appearance varies depending on your selection.

Plant with purpose. If your preference is to leave your view unobstructed, enhance the view with strategically positioned shrubs or trees that lend a more subtle sense of privacy while blocking direct sunlight. This approach is ideal for windows and glass doors overlooking a scenic backyard with limited privacy concerns.

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